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this is really stupid but it will apply to some stories-

2017-08-08 21:44:06 by EdgePretzel

SO- UH- THIS IS ABOUT OFF​ ​SOULS.​ yes this is a thing for me. OFF souls are different than Undertale souls, because there's only 4 types. A pure soul, an impure soul, an almost impure soul, and an almost pure soul.

an almost pure soul is a pure soul with an impure X across the whole thing. things like The Batter, Vader, ect. have these souls.

an impure soul is completely black, with no purity what-so-ever. things like spectres have these souls.

a pure soul is completely white, being comepletely pure. things like Elsens and humans (like Zacharie) have these souls.

an almost impure soul is an impure soul with a pure X across the whole thing. things like Burnts have these souls.






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