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(Bendy X Reader) Chapter 1 "An Awkward Meeting"

2017-08-19 12:01:54 by EdgePretzel

You walked into the old building, looking cautiously around before you made a single noise. "Hello?" you called into the dim halls, but recieved no reply. You started to walk forward, taking a few steps down the hall before jumping at the rotting piece of wood that fell from the ceiling. You brushed away some of your (h/c) hair from you eyes, mumbling under your breath. 'I guess this place will be okay... At least for awhile....' you pondered as you looked at some of the drawings on the table. "'Bendy the Dancing Demon'.. 'Bendy in: Little Devil Darlin'.." you read outloud, smiling slightly at the cute sketches. You remebered watching Bendy's cartoon as a small child, and you remebered the silly little crush you had on him. You would draw him all the time, when you had the chance, that is. But, one day, his show got cancelled, which had made you quite upset. But your mother had made you a Bendy plushie, to make you happy again. You smiled at the thought, as you glanced at the cardboard cut-outs. You stopped at one of the desks, picking up a small Bendy plush that was sitting in the chair. 'No one would notice...' you thought,  putting it into your Jacket's pocket, but not before placing a quick kiss on the plush's cheek. Then you continued.
Bendy's POV
'Who is she? Why did she just come in?' I turned into ink, following the girl throughout the dark building I called a home. I watched her every move with caution, being careful so that she didn't see me. I saw her pick up a plush of mine, and kiss it. I felt my face heat up, I just jumped into a cardboard cut-out to watch her. I peeked around the corner, then jumped back as she saw me. She let out a 'squeak' sound when she saw me, then just seemed to calm back down. She then smiled at me, patting my head. My face flushed again, 'Curse this new attention. I'm not used to this.' "Who put you here, buddy?" she asked, though I don't think she expected an answer. "Myself." I spoke out of careless-ness, then realized my mistake.
normal POV
"Myself." You heard the cut-out respond, which made you shriek, your plush falling out of your pocket when you jumped back. "W-Who said that?! C-Come out and show yourself!" you called, pulling a Swiss army knife off your belt and taking out the blade. And to your disbelief, something began to emerge from the cut-out. Once the inky creature had fully come out of the cut-out, he kicked it back casually. "B-.. Bendy..?" you asked fearfully, your (e/c) eyes locking with his black ones, "Well, at least you're not dumb." he stated, looking you up and down. "I'm Bendy the dancing demon, and you are..?" "(Y-Y/n)." you stutter, putting away the blade of your knife and sliding it back onto your belt. "Where am I?" you ask, but he only picked up the plush and handed it to you. "You dropped this. And your in my old art studio. My home." he answered, but before you could say anything, he spoke again; "It's quite rude of you to just walk into someone's home, uninvited, like that." he retorted. You took the plush and held it to your chest, sighing. "I'm sorry about that. I just thought this place was abandoned." you stated, Bendy cocked his head. "Why are you here, anyway?" he asked "... It's a bit of a long story." you said, hesitating a bit. "Trust me, I've got time. C'mon, let's sit down." He motioned to a table in a nearby room, walking with you to it. He pulled out your chair for you, then sat down. 'At least he has manners.' You thought, sitting down. "Alright, I wanna know why you're here. And don't leave anything out, if you can help it. Tell me your whole life story if ya have to." at that you chuckled quietly to yourself, but then started to explain.


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