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(Bendy X Reader) Chapter 2 "Tired Flashbacks"

2017-08-19 12:04:21 by EdgePretzel

"Alright, I wanna know why you're here. And don't leave anything out, if you can help it. Tell me your whole life story if ya have to." at that you chuckled quietly to yourself, but then started to explain.

"Well, uhm.. Where do I start.... Oh, I know. This all kinda started when I first started watching your show." You stated, smiling a bit at the memory, Bendy showed a bit of a smile as well. "Go on~" he urged politely. "I started to watch your show when I was really little, which made me really happy, cause, well, I didn't have much when I was growing up." You explained, yours and Bendy's smiles fading. "... My dad drunk a lot.. So he struggled with keeping a job, but he managed to keep one, surprisingly. I really depended on my mom for a lot of things until I got old enough to do things on my own. Usually she'd come home from work late at night.. Which left a lot of time for my dad to waste what money we had on alcohol." you spoke, your voice starting to get quiet, you looked at your feet as you continued. "All he would do for years was drink. But.. But it got worse when I turned 15. Him and my mom got into an argument and.. He hit her. He hit both of us, and from then on, he hasn't stopped. But my mom died a couple years ago, she, uhm.. she got throat cancer. So.. Uh... That's why I'm here I guess... I ran away, if you couldn't tell... And my dad disappeared recently, too...." you mumbled, starting to tear up, rubbing your eyes. "Oh... I'm so sorry.... I know what it feels like to lose someone you care a lot about..." Bendy stated, placing a hand on your back gently. You wiped your eyes, forcing a smile. "That's alright.. You gave me some happy memories." You said, smiling at Bendy. "Well.. I guess you can stay here. But there's not much you can really use for a bed." Bendy said, looking around. "That's okay, I can sleep anywhere." you stated, yawning. You didn't really realize how tired you were until you checked your phone for the time. '1:32 AM' you read silently, sighing and yawning again. "... Hold on, I think we have some blankets and sheets in the closet." Bendy inquired, running off, then returning with a few blankets and sheets. "We used to use these for recording when we didn't really have a budget." he explained, starting to set up a bed for you on one of the tables. You helped set it up, laying down once both had finished. "Goodnight, doll." Bendy spoke, you blushed slightly at the nickname. "G'night, Bendy." you said, watching him disappear around the corner, soon after, the lights turned off. You took out your phone, pocket knife, and coin purse. You then took out the Bendy plush, cuddling it for a tiny bit of comfort. 'Bendy's pretty sweet for being trapped here.. But he mentioned something about him losing someone... Who did he lose?' you thought, but before you could even try to answer your own question, sleep engulfed you.

In the morning, you woke up to Bendy's face, kind of close to yours. He was asleep next to you, curled up in the blankets. Your face turned a lovely shade of bright red. You had to admit though, he was quite cute when he was sleeping. You carefully sat up, careful not to wake him. You looked at your phone, reading the time: '12:16' 'Good Lord, I slept late.... And I'm starving. Wonderful.' You though in annoyance. Carefully getting out of bed, you snuck away to find some food. You found a can on one of the shelves, you picked it up and examined it. "Bacon soup, huh?... How old is this thing?" You asked yourself, wiping a thick layer of dust off the can with your index finger, turning it over in your hand to look at the back. The experation date read '6/5/1998' "Uh... I think I'll pass." you put the can back down, going back to get your stuff. Bendy was still asleep, he must have been exhausted from.. something. You picked up your things, going over to one of desks, picking up a pen and started to write a note. 'Went to go get some food, be back soon. - (Y/n)' Once you had finished the note, you picked it up and placed it near the sleeping demon. You picked up your things, putting them in their correct places. You glanced at the plush, but instead of taking it with you, you merely made your bed and placed the plush on the make-shift pillow (that was really just a balled-up sheet), and walked out of the old studio.

Bendy's POV

After what I assumed was a few hours, my eyes finally opened, wincing slightly at the light. I sat up, looking around the room, then noticed a piece of paper next to me. I skimmed over the words, pretty much just catching the words 'Be back soon. - (Y/n)' was enough for me to understand. I rubbed my eyes as I uncurled from the blankets, swinging my legs over the side of the table and sliding off. I strolled around the studio, as I usually did every day. I never realized how boring it actually is without someone here. I turned the corner, glancing into the room I couldn't go in for months; Boris' room. I trembled slightly as I looked at Boris' torn-open corpse, the horrific memories flooding my mind from so many months ago.

~~~11 months ago~~~

"Boooriiiss~!" I called, running down the halls. "Where are you? The show's about to start!" I stated, my tail swishing as I ran. "Bo-.." I started to call, but was darkly welcomed into a ink-stained room, Boris laying on an examination table, his chest wide open. "... -ris?" I stammered, my eyes widening. But I tried to take action, I tried to pry open the locks that held him down, Ink staining my gloves as I tried to free him. I heard footsteps approach from behind, I tensed immediately as I heard the familiar voice. "Bendy? What are you doing in here? You should be at your show." I turned to see Joey behind me, he glared at me. "J-.. Joey... W-W-what did you do to him?!" I screamed at him, trembling. "He's just a little.. sick. He'll be just fine, Bendy. Go do your show now." He stepped towards us, I got off the table and backed up, hitting the wall gently. "Bendy, don't be like that. I wouldn't hurt the star of the show, would I?" Joey asked, smiling at me. "N-... N-no... I g-guess not... B-But Boris-" I got cut off as he lifted me up, "He will be fine." He stated, putting me in the hall, slamming the doors, I thought of opening them, but I heard a 'click' right after they closed.

~~~Now (Normal POV)~~~

You walked in after getting your breakfast, carrying a bag with some food for later in the day, you set the bag on a chair nearby your current bed. You glanced at the empty bed, putting two and two together, you then called. "Bendy? You here? I'm back from the store, I got you some stuff too." You stated loudly, looking around the building. You then saw Bendy, he was just staring into a room, looking at Boris' corpse. Your eyes widened in shock, then looked back to small demon. "B-Bendy..? What happened to Boris...?" you asked, walking next to him. He didn't say a word, you then noticed the inky tears in his eyes.


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