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(Bendy X Reader) Chapter 3 "Ink Hearts"

2017-08-21 20:24:53 by EdgePretzel

You then saw Bendy, he was just staring into a room, looking at Boris' corpse. Your eyes widened in shock, then looked back to small demon. "B-Bendy..? What happened to Boris...?" you asked, walking next to him. He didn't say a word, you then noticed the inky tears in his eyes.

You kneeled down to Bendy's level, turning him towards you. "H-hey.. Don't cry, Bendy..." you said softly, though you wanted to cry yourself from the sight. Bendy blinked, a few black tears rolling down his face. "B-... B-Boris....." he mumbled, more tears filling his eyes, his body starting to melt. You pulled him into a tight hug, not knowing what else to do. Bendy didn't seem to mind, as he grabbed onto your shoulders, and broke down into a sob. Ink stained your clothes, but you didn't care. You hugged him tighter, rubbing his back.

After a couple minutes, he had finally reformed, and had stopped crying. He sniffed as he pulled away from you, rubbing his eyes. "S-Sorry... I just... I m-miss him..." he murmured, turning away from the room. "It's fine, but.. What happened?" you asked softly, gently placing a hand on his shoulder. "... M-months ago.. I was going to do a show, but.. Boris wasn't there... so I tried to find him, but... He was in that room, o-on that table... And J-Joey.... He l-lied to me.... He said he'd be okay...." he mumbled angrily, clenching his fists. "Your creator did this..?" "He said... Joey said he was sick..." You stared at Bendy, then at Boris. ".... D-Do you think... Maybe we could.. Fix him?" you asked, standing up. "What..?" Bendy looked up at you, a confused look on his face. "If we could find a way to fix him, you could be happy with him again, and you could do shows together, too!" your eyes lit up at the thought of seeing Bendy's show again. "... But how would we?" "...." You didn't know exactly how, but you sure you were gonna do it.

You searched around the entire building until you came upon a book. "The Ilusion of Living;" you read, "By Joey Drew." 'This has to be what I'm looking for.' you thought, starting to flip through the pages. You stopped on a page that had a few words that caught your eye; 'Ink Hearts' "Perfect." you stated as you read through the page. You ran to Boris' room as you read what you needed.'A drawing of the character.. Ink from another toon... A large ink supply.... Human blood.' you shivered as you realized what you had to do. You ran into each room, getting the items for the ink machine and placing them on the pedistals. You activatied the ink flow, then ran to Boris' room. You saw Bendy standing near the pipes, and he gave you a thumbs-up. "Are you sure you're okay with doing this? You're gonna have to make the ink heart, Since I have no idea how to." Bendy nodded, handing you a small bag. "What's this?" you asked. "Needles and thread. You'll have to sew up Boris once I make the ink heart." Bendy explained, which made you kind of queasy, but you nodded and started to go to the ink machine, Bendy following behind closely. "Okay, Bendy. You know how to make an ink heart with the machine, right?" you asked, worry leaking into your voice. "I told you, it's fine. Now, you have to make a picture of Boris for it. You can draw, right?" he asked, picking up a pen and paper. You nodded, going to a table and sitting down. You slowly traced out an outline for Boris, just doing a neutral pose, then started to draw detail. Once you had finished, you smiled at your cute little drawing. You noticed that Bendy was tapping his foot impatiently at you, waiting for the drawing. You handed him the drawing, then opened the bag of needles. "Let me do my part first," you stated, then picked out the biggest needle in the bag. Before the tiny demon next to you could protest, you pricked the needle deep into your ring finger, wincing, then put the needle away as blood started to leak from your finger in a quick flow. You placed your finger on the paper, then handed Bendy the needle. He took off a glove and copied the process. "You know what to do now." you stated, walking off to Boris' room, waiting for Bendy.

A couple minutes later, Bendy ran in, an inky, heart-shaped blob in his hands. He jumped onto the table, placing the heart in Boris' chest. "Now, quickly!" you jumped to your feet, picking up the needle you had threaded before hand, and starting to  sew up Boris' chest. Bendy turned on a valve, which made ink start to flood into the wolf's empty corpse. You finished sewing him up, then grabbed a screwdriver, prying open the locks that held down Boris. Bendy turned off the valve after a minute, and you picked up and held him to your chest, though you didn't really realize it. You both patiently waited, staring at the wolf.

Then, Boris' eyes opened.


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