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SO- UH- THIS IS ABOUT OFF​ ​SOULS.​ yes this is a thing for me. OFF souls are different than Undertale souls, because there's only 4 types. A pure soul, an impure soul, an almost impure soul, and an almost pure soul.

an almost pure soul is a pure soul with an impure X across the whole thing. things like The Batter, Vader, ect. have these souls.

an impure soul is completely black, with no purity what-so-ever. things like spectres have these souls.

a pure soul is completely white, being comepletely pure. things like Elsens and humans (like Zacharie) have these souls.

an almost impure soul is an impure soul with a pure X across the whole thing. things like Burnts have these souls.





Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, there's a land I heard of once in a lullaby..

She saw the Batter leave. She barely could. Sugar's white eyes nearly completely clouded as she saw the familiar figure drop next to her, she saw the tears rolling down his grey cheeks as he wept over her cold body. She only heard a few words before he got up and left, only the quiet "I'm sorry." he murmured as she heard the vault close. She felt how light her arm was from so much bloodloss as she reached for the dropped fortune ticket.

Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true..

The fortune ticket stopped the bleeding, even healing some of her wounds. She carefully stood up and hugged the wounds that hadn't healed. "I-I... I-I have to see Zach... He'll be happy...." Sugar instructed herself, slowly limping toward the stairs, each step offering a challenge to get up. But eventually, she reached the top of the vault, opening the hatch, letting in a cool, breath of smoke into the sugar-filled vault. She heaved her body out of the small hatch, pratically crawling out of the room. Soon enough, she was confronted by The Judge. "What do we have here?" The Judge greeted in his always intutive, yet mischivious tone. "Are you not Sucre, my dear, merchant friend Zacharie's lover?" "Y-Yes, I am Indeed.. And I am in need of your assisstance. I need to see him." She stated simply, kneeling near the white cat. "Of course, but do you need assisstance around this pure world?" The feline tilted his head. "N-No, no. I won't bother you that much." Sugar stated, calmly, limping to the floating red box at the end of the white platform. She gently took the paw the Judge offered to her, as he pressed his other paw to the box, which immediately teleported them to Zone 2, which was barely reconizable because of how blank it all was.

Someday I'll wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far behind me..

After Sugar thanked the small cat, she slowly walked to the shop of his that she knew about, rubbing her arms as a cold breeze surrounded her. "It's only around this corner... Then we'll be happy together..~" she smiled to herself, trying to make herself walk a litte faster. She soon reached the shop, stopping at the doors. "Here we go~ I bet he'll be so happy..!" She giggled, opening the doors.

Where troubles melt like lemondrops, away above the chimney tops, that's where you'll find me..

"Zacharie?" She called, stepping into the shop. "It's me, Sugar..." She glanced around, then started to hear a familiar song that played from a nearby back room. A tune they had danced to before. The tune of his music box. She smiled, following the tune as it droned through the short hall. She stepped up to the door that the music came from, smiling brightly. She opened the door, letting it reveal Zacharie.

Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly, bluebirds fly over the rainbow, then why, oh, why can't I?..

Zacharie hung by a rope in a corner of the room, underneath him, a knocked over chair. The smile dissappeared from her face immediately as she laid eyes on him. "N-N.. No... no, no, no, no! Zacharie!" she ran over, going underneath him and lifting him out of the noose. She rested his cold body on the ground, then dropped next to him, taking off his mask. There was a few drops of blood dripping from the corners of his mouth, his once purple eyes now a faded, almost white color. She then felt the tears run down her face, her hair sticking to her face from the cold tears. She pressed her face into his chest, sobbing quietly. "Z-Zach....." she mumbled, starting to feel how cold she really was. She glanced at her stomach, only seeing a large, re-opened wound, it bled heavily. She quietly sighed, laying her head on his chest, wrapping her arms around his neck, just letting sweet tears roll down her pale cheeks. "... I'm sorry I didn't come sooner..." she apologized, her eyelids starting to feel unbearably heavy. "... At least I'll see you again soon." she stated, closing her eyes, and smiling one last time.

If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow, why, oh, why can't I?

I have no idea

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So uh, heya. how did you stumble over to my page? ah well, welcome to an OFF trash pit. I'm pretty chill but I don't really want cussing in comments or.. I dunno.. smut I guess? yeah. that's all I'm asking of you. so if you have any questions just ask. or you wanna talk about OFF or Twenty One Pilots.